Our Story

It all started with a ski jacket our founder bought online. When the jacket arrived at home, the price tag on the jacket was already marked down 50% compared to what was paid. It was just serendipity that she noticed this mark down. 

Once she saw this, she went back to check all items she had bought online recently and realized that over 30% of items were marked down compared to what she had paid! She obviously called the retailer promptly and got the price adjustment. But then she realized that unless she was diligently checking the prices regularly she had no hope of claiming her price adjustments. She then asked few of her friends to do the same thing and ALL of them had some price adjustments they could claim! 

She also realized that it is an almost impossible task to regularly check prices of all the items bought online. She wanted to automate this process of finding out if she is leaving money on the table. This led to the birth of Yairoo. All of us here at Yairoo are committed users of this service and we are happy getting our price adjustments. We hope you can make use of this service too. One day, retailers will automatically credit your account when they adjust the price but till then, we will use Yairoo to rightfully claim our money back.