About Us

Yairoo is a service designed to help you claim your money back as promised by the retailers' price adjustment policy or as guaranteed by your credit card company. 

Even though retailers and credit card companies provide you a price guarantee, it is up to you to find out when that price changed. There is no easy way to find out a price drop apart from manually checking prices on every item you have bought in last 30-60 days. And we think that checking this manually on regular basis is just crazy! 

Add to that the fact that often prices will drop only for a couple of days and then go back up to original prices. You need to catch this price drop within those couple of days if you have any chance of getting your money back. 

Our goal is to help you identify these price changes with minimal amount of work on your part and help you claim your money back.

Connect With Us

Please send us your candid feedback as well as ask us any questions you have about our service to info@yairoo.com.

For any other questions, help and support please email us at support@yairoo.com.

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