Who are we?

Yairoo is a free service designed to help you rightfully claim your money back as promised by retailer’s price adjustment policy or as guaranteed by your credit card company.

Most retailers promise you a price adjustment for 14-30 days from your purchase date but it is up to you to find out when that price changed.  We are here to help you discover that price drop and get you your money back.

And if you think that this can only save you some small money, think twice. View a sample of savings we found recently.

How does this work?

You forward us your online purchase confirmation

We will send you an alert if an item you bought is marked down any further

You call the retailer to get your price adjustment

Want to save using Yairoo?

We are beta testing this service and are currently accepting only limited number of users willing to provide us feedback to improve this service. If you are interested in joining this group, please send us an email at info@yairoo.com
or provide us your email below and we will do our best to include you in our beta program